The Modified Crazy Levitating Pretzel Pose

Modified crazy levitating pretzel poseI was in a yoga class this morning (applause is appreciated), and the teacher had us do this weird twisty thing on one foot where we grabbed our other foot with our opposite hand over our head…don’t bother trying to picture it, it was crazy.

But I did it! And while I was enjoying my accomplishment, I noticed the girl next to me wasn’t just doing the crazy pose, she’d found a way to make it even more difficult, twisting her arms a few times, levitating…it was annoying impressive.

And I noticed that inside my head I was grumbling that I couldn’t do the levitating pretzel like she was.

Then, thankfully, I laughed at myself. How crazy was I, irritated that I can’t do a levitating pretzel? Boo freakin hoo. And while I was focusing on what I couldn’t do, I wasn’t celebrating what I could do — a modified crazy pretzel (minus the levitation).

How many times do you catch yourself focusing on what you can’t do or what you aren’t doing well instead of on how freaking amazing you are?

Have you been impressed with yourself today? Have you remembered how cool you are today? I know you’ve been through a lot in your life. You’ve accomplished a lot, and your life has taken a different path than you could have ever imagined.

That’s pretty darn cool.

That’s levitating pretzel cool.

I celebrate you, and I celebrate your life. I hope you do too 🙂


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