Spirit Guide Talks About Spirit Communication

A Spirit Guide who came across like a professor gave me this insight about communicating with Spirit Guides.  The colored text is from the guide.

There are so many ways to communicate with guides. You can meditate, spend time in nature, write, talk, observe…

You see, there are so many reasons to do this. We help with any concern you have. There is no such thing as too little. The earth people make it seem so hard, but it is as easy as opening your mouth to speak or picking up a pen to write.We are right here all the time, so you only have to wait for your mind to get out of the way. We are right behind you and beside you all the way. In any situation you want our help, just ask and believe. Then take the time to look and acknowledge. There is no point asking if you do not acknowledge our presence.

If you want to see spirit, look in the mirror. You are a beautiful creation, and you soul shines behind your eyes. You are a great creation. Look at the amazing things you do. As you see yourself in the mirror, know that you are seeing an angel, a child of God, who is loved and protected. feel the love for yourself just like a baby.

There are “impossibilities” to overcome. Illusions. The word “impossible” is not even a concept. (The feeling I got with this was that we have to get over the thought that certain things are impossible because the idea that something is impossible is an illusion.)

Find the peace within yourself. You cannot hear us when your mind is chattering. it takes attunement, but we are here dear ones. We are always here. Most of you will have thoughts or memories of us. Times when you knew we were there. Think back to those times, those miracles, those dreams, those feelings. Know that we are here for you always.

Thank you.

This guide looked like a professor, glasses and all. He had his hands clasped in front of him by his stomach and seemed very matter-of-fact.

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