The Source of All Money

eurosWhere does your money come from?  What is the source of your money?  Several years ago my spirit guides helped me learn a very valuable lesson that changed the way I look at money. Many of us relate our job with our income.  We feel that we need a certain job in order to make a certain amount of money, and that the only way to get more money consistently is to get a raise at that job or get a new job.  But the truth is this: your job is not your source of money.  God is the Source.  Universal Love is the Source.  Whatever you choose to call it, the energy of all that is is also the source of all our financial abundance.  It is an energy that is within us and within everything.  It is the Source.

I have found that many of us cling to jobs we don’t like because we falsely believe that the job is the source of our money.  Coinciding with that belief is usually the belief that if we did what we really wanted to do for a career, there’s no way we could make as much money as we’re making now.  We use that belief as a reason not to follow our true inner longing.

What I have found is that when you follow your joy, when you choose the career that truly makes you happy to get up each morning, you will have more than enough money to pay for whatever you desire.  Money is just energy.  When we allow more money into our lives and recognize all the sources of income in our lives, we receive more money.  When we recognize abundance, that is what we experience more of.  When we experience joy, we attract more opportunities to experience joy into our lives.  This is because we are constantly connected to and part of the Source of all energy, and we attract more of the energy we are sending out into the Universe. We are constantly manifesting and creating in our lives based on the energy we are putting out.  If you put out feelings of lack, fear, and scarcity, that is what you will create in your life.  If you put out feeling that your income is limited by the job you currently have, that is what you will experience, but that is not the truth.  There are endless opportunities for money to come into your life. Your current job is only one of an endless number of opportunities.  Source can use every person and every opportunity to give to you the abundance you’re seeking and attracting.  We are the ones who block it or accept it.  What is your choice?

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