Tips for Asking Your Spirit Guides Questions (And Getting Juicy Answers!)

Asking Your Spirit Guides Questions (And Getting Juicy Answers!)

One thing I’ve learned from many years of communicating with Spirit Guides is that the questions we ask our Guides make a big difference in the type and amount of information we receive.

I want to squeeze as much information as possible from my Guides because I know their guidance is golden. Most of the time the information flows. But there have been times when I’ve asked the same question over and over, and I feel like I’m hardly getting any information. Eventually I realized that the type of question I was asking was limiting the amount of information I was getting.

I want to save you that frustration, so in this video, I’m giving you 2 tips to help you get the most information from your Guides when you’re asking a question. It’s a sneak peek into one of the sections in my new online course, Meet Spirit Guides!

Another bonus tip is to calm your mind before you ask your question. Release all your pre-conceived ideas about your situation, calm your emotions, set aside your worries, and then you are ready to ask your question. Calming your mind first allows you to be open to new insight.

I began developing a relationship with my Spirit Guides about 20 years ago, and it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. They help me find peace, understanding, and compassion even in really difficult moments. With their guidance, I created a career I love and met the man of my dreams, not to mention the countless ways they help me every day.

I hope that the resources I offer freely on my website help you start becoming aware of your Spirit Guides, and if you want to develop your relationship with them further, join me for my Meet Spirit Guides online course.

Tidbits from this week:

I continue to be fascinated by the bathrooms in Guanajuato, Mexico. I have several pictures and stories to share, so stay tuned for an article about that. My most recent experience was a public bathroom with a bathtub filled with plastic plants and real soil. Why the real soil for fake plants? I have no idea. But I took a pic! LOL

bathroom fake plants real soil 550

We visited a nearby town called Dolores Hidalgo this week, which had a beautiful church built in the 1800s. I posted several pics on facebook, and I’ll create an article of more pics soon, but here’s a glimpse for those you who aren’t on my facebook page yet (why???).

Dolores Hidalgo Church

And the tummy bugs. Hmm. Luckily, we haven’t had any serious sickness, but Mark and I seem to take turns having an upset stomach every few days. It was better this week because we cooked most of our meals at home (I’m still amazed that our home is in Mexico now!), but we ate out this weekend, and let’s just say that the results aren’t pretty.

In the US, a power outage wouldn’t be a big deal. In Mexico, my first reaction was whispering to MarkĀ , “Do you think someone’s trying to kill us?” Then I remembered there are lightning storms nearby. LOL

Other personal thoughts…I haven’t painted much, and I really want to do more of that. I’ve been toying around with the idea of an artsy online course (let me know if you’d be interested in that), and my cat is losing weight (which is a good thing). She has hips now. LOL.

Join me for my online course and have a fun week!


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