Trinity Forest Nature Walk

Hi Friends!

Mark and I recently went on a hike with a master naturalist to the Trinity Forest in Dallas. First, we were completely dumbfounded to learn that there was a forest in Dallas. We mentioned it to people who have lived in Dallas their entire lives, and no one had heard of it. Now I have the pictures to prove that it exists! I wanted to share my photos with you so you can enjoy this spring hike in the forest with me 🙂

False garlic

This is called False Garlic. Beautiful flowers, aren’t they? I have no idea how I managed such a great shot, as I was walking at the time. Must be the photograph fairies 🙂


TreesI love this shot too. The trees were bare, but beautiful. At one time, this part of the forest was used as grazing land for dairy cows. No wonder with the long, soft grass. One thing I love about being a writer is that I can write incomplete sentences as much as I want (see previous sentence). I feel like such a rebel when I do that 🙂

BeesThe technical reason for our hike was to see these Buckeye flowers in bloom. We went on “The Buckeye Tour.” I’d never even heard of the buckeye trees before, but they do have very large, beautiful flowers. And check out these bees!!! I cannot believe I caught one feeding and one flying in the same photo. This genius photo was not intentional. Just chalk another one up to the photo fairies.

Worm PathsThe tunnels in this tree trunk were created by tiny beige worms. Cool, huh?

Trinity River

The Trinity River. It looks like I’m close to it, but we’re actually on a cliff area above it. I used my handy dandy zoom.

I’m so glad we went on this hike. Our guide, Jim, was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. I even learned how to identify poison ivy vines when they don’t have leaves on them. The vines are attached to the trees with thousands of short, tiny roots along the length of the vine. Stay away from those when you’re looking for a tree to hug 🙂

Thank you for joining me as I remember our hike!

Happy Spring!

Melanie Jade 🙂

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