Trust Your Calling

Trust Your Calling by Melanie The Medium 800

A calling is a feeling deep inside that you want to take a certain path in your life. Have you felt a calling, only to be sidetracked by self-doubt or fear? In this video, I’ll help you move forward.

How do you know what your calling is? Your calling is that thing that’s been at the back of your mind, nagging you to pay attention. When you daydream about something you really want to do, that’s probably a glimpse into your calling. It’s the idea that excites you and inspires you.

You may have one big overarching calling that you feel throughout your life. For me, I’ve always felt that I’m here to spread peace. I don’t know all the ways I’ll do that, but that’s my overall calling.

The “smaller” callings you feel along the way are just as important and feed into your overall calling. My calling to move to Mexico was a smaller part of a calling I feel to travel and explore, which is part of an even bigger calling I feel to live my ideal life and inspire other people to live their ideal lives, which feeds into my overall calling to spread peace.

You might feel a calling to find a mate, have children, switch your career path, organize your home, or something else. No matter how big or small a calling may seem to you at first, it will have a larger impact on your life and the lives of other people if you follow it.

Trust your calling. No matter how big or small it may seem at first, it will have a larger impact. Click To Tweet

I felt called to organize my home last year after reading the book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. It doesn’t seem like that would be a big calling. However, while following the process in the book, I remembered the joy I feel while traveling, and the next week I got the calling to move to Mexico. When the author of the book followed her calling as a child to organize the home, it led to a successful career and New York Times Bestseller.

You just never know what a seemingly simple calling will lead to!

What do you feel called to do? Don’t talk yourself out of it, and don’t pay attention to your self-doubt. Just trust your calling and have fun watching all the blessings that come from that decision.

Sending you love!


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