Using the Memories that Haunt You

Using the memories that haunt you

We all have moments in our life that haunt us – memories of being sad, scared, or in some way out of control of what is happening. When we think of those memories, we recall the emotions we felt, and it becomes a loop of feeling traumatized.

For me, one of those moments was the first time I saw a CPR being performed. I was working in registration in an emergency room, and as I walked to the back to check in a new patient, I saw a man being wheeled in by paramedics who were performing CPR. I will never forget that moment.

As I’m preparing for nursing school, I’ve been reflecting on my experiences working in hospitals. Most of those experiences were beautiful, amazing, and touching. In addition to enjoying those, I’ve been working through the few memories that were more unsettling.

I received a message from my Spirit Guides about how to think of these experiences in a way that helps me learn, understand, feel more compassionate, and move on. If you have memories that have been haunting you, I hope this message from Spirit Guides can help.

Whatever memory is haunting you, give yourself time to remember it. Detach enough so you can observe how that memory affects you. Then ask yourself these questions and see which one gives you new insight:

  • How is it positive that I was affected by this experience?
  • How did this experience help me change my life or move forward?
  • How has this experience helped me have more compassion or understanding?
  • What did I learn about myself and what I’m capable of?
  • How can I use this experience for good?
  • What action can I take based on what I have learned from this experience?

The goal is not to turn a haunting memory into a happy one. The goal is to explore a new perspective and use your past to strengthen you, not bring you down. The goal is some level of healing, even if it’s just a teeny tiny, microscopic sense of understanding or relief.

We all have some memories that repeat in our mind and bring up uncomfortable feelings, but if you have gone through a major trauma like abuse, war, a life-threatening event or illness, or some other experience that has left you feeling shaken, it’s okay to go to a professional to help you work through it. Sometimes having a trained counselor or psychologist to work through these memories can make the journey of healing much easier.

Sending you thoughts of love and healing,


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