VIDEO: Accomplish New Year’s Goals With These 3 Tips

It’s almost the new year! In the past few episodes of TrueYou TV, we’ve celebrated the past year, learned from our experiences, and listened to our Spirit about goals for the next year.

In this episode, I’m sharing 3 tips to help make accomplishing your goals much easier! Keep reading after the video for helpful links and additional tips.

At some point this year while you’re working toward your goals, it’s likely that you’ll feel stuck or discouraged. I’ve found it to be immensely helpful to have a game plan ahead of time to move through those moments more quickly. Here’s a recap of the 3 tips to help you be prepared and accomplish your goals:

1. Know your support team
Next to each goal, list people you can call when you need encouragement and practical support. If you have difficulty reaching out for help, check out this TrueYou TV episode, Who’s On Your Support Team, for help.

2. One step at a time
Goals can easily become overwhelming if you think about every step and obstacle you might encounter. Once you have a plan, focus on one step at a time. Check out my TrueYou TV video about this! You can also read an inspiring message from my Spirit Guides in my article, What is the Next Step?

3. Listen to your Spirit
Listening to your Spirit can be as simple as noticing how you feel as you make decisions. If it’s in alignment with what you want, you will observe positive, light feelings in your body. If the decision is not what you want, you will observe heavy, tense feelings in your body.

One thing that can make it easier to notice how your Spirit feels is by taking a few minutes a day to listen within. My free guided meditations make this so easy!

Apart from meditating, bringing your focus to any activity can help you feel more aware of your Spirit. Try going for a walk in nature, doing your favorite hobby, or any other activity that makes you feel peaceful and quiet inside.

New Year’s resolutions don’t have to be impossible to achieve. By beginning with goals that are in alignment with your Spirit and following the 3 tips in this episode, you can accomplish any goal, big or small!

Sending lots of love along the way!


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