VIDEO: Bless Your Life Meditation

Bless Your Life Meditation by Melanie the Medium

Is there an area of your life that could use a boost of clarity, peace, or positive energy? Maybe you’ve felt stuck in some way and felt the need for a change that would help you move forward again.

Today I’m sharing a meditation for blessing your life. You’ll visualize sending uplifting, positive energy to every area of your life, particularly the confusing or stressful aspects. It will help you feel more peaceful, recognize solutions and next steps, and feel more hopeful overall.

My Guides say that everything works according to our highest good, so we are always “being blessed.” There is no moment when we are experiencing a lack of blessings and in need of more. So why a meditation on blessing your life? What are we really doing with this meditation?┬áHere’s what my Guides say about sending blessings to yourself and areas of your life:

Each moment has the potential for greatness and joy. Sometimes it is hard to find the greatness when you are struggling, feeling lost, or desiring a different experience.

When you bless yourself, you are saying that you are willing to set aside your struggles. Your are saying that you are open to new solutions, a new perspective, and for life to be easier. When you bless yourself, you are creating change by being the peace, the calm, and the opportunity for clarity in that moment. That is why blessing yourself is so powerful and why it continues to benefit your life long after your meditation is over.

I hope this meditation and these messages are meaningful to you and help make your life easier! I post a new video every Monday, and during the week you can find inspiration on my facebook page.

Many blessings to you!


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