VIDEO: How to Truly Love Someone

You know those people who you can just be yourself with? You don’t have to worry about looking or acting a certain way. They’re the people you know you can go to no matter what decisions you’ve made or challenges you’re facing, and they will show you love.

Being loved like that is the greatest gift.

What I’ve noticed in my life is that when a relationship is strained, family or friend, it’s because I’ve forgotten how to truly love the other person. I’ve started comparing them to my idea of who they should be instead of seeing them as they are.

If you have a relationship that you would like to be more loving and peaceful, this week’s TrueYou TV episode can help.

Am I saying that you don’t truly love someone if you get disappointed in them? No. It’s understandable to have expectations of how someone should behave.

But when they don’t meet those expectations, can you still show them love? Can you show them understanding? Can you release your idea of who they should be and how they should act and accept them as they are?

This is a practice. It’s not something you decide one day, and then you always see everyone with eyes of love. This is something I think about and work on almost every day. As soon as I feel peace in one relationship, I’ll become aware of another person I can work on accepting and loving.

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to decide how you want to act in a relationship. Will you be the person they can turn to no matter what? Being able to truly love and accept someone is the greatest gift you can give.

Sending you love,


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