VIDEO: Overcoming Being Lied To

We’ve all been lied to at some point. A boyfriend, colleague, friend, (ex) spouse, or family member…and sometimes multiple times by the same person!

Apart from the shock and hurt when you find out the truth, being lied to can also lead to long-term resentment and anger. It can rob you of your joy and cause you to feel less trusting in other relationships.

No matter how justified your emotions are, at some point you may want to release your hurt so you can get your happy self back and move on.

In today’s TrueYou TV episode, I’m sharing messages from Spirit Guides about understanding why people lie and how to overcome being lied to.

When someone lies to you, it’s not a reflection of how much they care about you or how intelligent or ignorant they think you are. As my Spirit Guides said, it has nothing to do with you. It is solely a reflection of how they feel about themselves and their level of self-acceptance.

Another thing I’ve noticed about people who lie is that they fear that you won’t accept them for who they are, so they lie about their feelings and actions. They may pretend to be someone they think you’ll like, for example.¬†Again, this isn’t about you. They don’t accept themselves, so they project that non-acceptance onto you.

It can take time to come to terms with someone lying to you, especially if it is someone you love and it was a life-altering lie. Whenever you’re ready, I hope the messages from my Spirit Guides can help you move past your hurt and continue bringing your joy and understanding to the world.

Sending you love!


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