VIDEO: Protecting Yourself Against Negativity

Have you ever spoken with someone who was in a bad mood and then felt your own mood go downhill? Or been in a chaotic environment or with highly emotional people and felt completely drained after?

This is caused by soaking up the energy around you. This happens to everyone to some extent, but people who are more attuned to their energy will notice it more dramatically.

In this episode of TrueYou TV, I’m sharing a simple but effective visualization you can do to make sure you keep the positive energy in and the negative energy out.

Can a simple visualization make that much of a difference? Absolutely! I find this practice to be essential before doing a reading or going somewhere with crowds or unfamiliar people. Our thoughts change our energy, so by imagining that only positive energy can affect you, you are creating that reality for yourself.

When I mention negative energy, I’m not talking about “bad” people or demonic spirits. I’m talking about any energy that does not make you feel good. This could include chaotic events, people who are feeling a lot of emotion, people in an argument, and other situations that don’t feel good to you.

Even people you love have moments when they feel emotional or want to vent. In order to be the best listening ear for them and bring positive energy to the situation, you have to make sure you are taking care of your energy and will not be negatively affected by their situation.

When I do a reading, the person I’m working with is usually going through an emotional time. Once they hear the messages from their Spirit Guides, even more emotion is released. In order to be of best service to them, I have to maintain my own energy and make sure it is as loving and positive as possible. The same holds true for you when you’re communicating with the people in your life.

While you can’t avoid all unpleasantness in life, you can take steps to make sure you are prepared energetically for whatever you might encounter during the day. By doing the visualization in the video, you can make sure you bring your best self to every situation.

Try this yourself and let me know how it works for you in the comments below! What visualization works best for you?

Sending you love!


P.S. I mentioned in the video that I visualize white light around me. Feel free to use whatever color feels good to you. The intention of being surrounded by positive energy and safe from any negativity is key 🙂

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