VIDEO: Reading Demonstration & Messages from Spirit Guides

How do you recognize messages from your Spirit Guides? I always tell people that messages from Spirit Guides are loving and non-judgmental. They will help you see your life from a positive perspective and empower you to move forward in a way that will bring you even more joy.

Every day I share messages from Spirit Guides and loved ones in Spirit during readings with my clients, and I am always amazed by the loving insight Spirit Guides share.

In this episode of TrueYou TV, I’m doing a demonstration reading for a facebook follower to give you a sense of the loving messages Spirit Guides share. As you watch the video, there’s bound to be a message that resonates and helps you in your life as well. I invite you to watch with a heart and mind that is open to the messages your Guides want to share with you.

Here is J’s response to her reading:

I want to take this time to say thank you for what you do. I really feel that having the video brought more meaning to the message for me than reading a message. Seeing your expressions when you received the messages from my dad filled me with several emotions. You almost mirrored how I would react if I received the message directly from him.

As you spoke I felt a warm yet cool and comforting presence at my right shoulder. My dad was always upfront about his thoughts and opinions of the “schmucks” I’ve dated during his time on Earth. He also knew me well enough to know if he told me that it wouldn’t work I would try my best to prove him wrong. Lol. That would be where he said you hear me and choose to ignore me. Lol, well that is true because I have to be right.

¬†As for my job… I do love it, however it have been trying to convince myself to get my masters so I can help others do what I do. Spread my knowledge so to speak. My current position is stressful because I’m limited on who I can help. I do want to expand my photography, but tend to want to do it for free. I want to tell an emotional story with pictures and enjoy the payment of the happiness of others. I would also love to work with horses more. I’m looking to find the right location.

What I was most touched by was when you mentioned the hay. My dad and I have a special bond with hay. Odd I know. The last thing my dad gave me was 13 bales of hay for my birthday. Hay is a happy reminder of my dad. I often visit his place of rest leaving a handful of hay in the flower vase…despite the rule breaking of the cemetery.

When you let me know my video was ready you mentioned my dad had came back and wanted me to visit my horse because he had something to tell me. I did as I was told. As soon as I pulled up to the barn a deep sadness overcame me. My horse had an injury that was causing him pain. If you were not given this gift and had the caring heart you have my horse could have suffered a more grim near future, but with my dad coming back to you and you listening I am happy to say that all is good and he is recovering well.

Thank you again and God bless.

If you are looking for insight into your life or want to connect with a loved one in Spirit, you can request a reading with me. I am always happy to share these positive, loving messages to help you get clarity and peace.

I hope the messages in this reading demonstration were meaningful to you, and join me next time on True You TV!

Have a wonderful week!

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