VIDEO: Review Your Year Part 1 – Celebrate Your Life!

Many of us are focused on the future, on what will happen, what we think we should do, and goals for what we want to accomplish next.

How often do you take time to celebrate all you’ve already done?

As we enjoy the last month of 2014, the TrueYou TV episodes for the rest of December will be focused on preparing your Spirit for a new year. This week the focus is on celebrating all your accomplishments, triumphs, and fear-defying acts of 2014. Join me for celebrations, big and small, in this week’s episode of TrueYou TV!

Sometimes it can be difficult to remember all you’ve done in a year and all there is to celebrate. It may help to have an objective perspective to help you remember how awesome you are 🙂 After you write your list of everything you can think of to celebrate from this past year, I encourage you to ask a close friend or family member to share their ideas with you as well.

You’re not just celebrating things you’ve accomplished, like getting a new job. You’re also celebrating what you’ve been through. For example, I have had a difficult time the past several months recovering from an injury. However, I’ve learned a lot from this experience, so I’m adding everything I’ve learned to my celebrations list.

Also include every step you took to make your life more joyful, even if it felt scary at the time. I know some of you made HUGE life changes this year, so celebrate those as well, even if they have yet to turn out the way you hope they will. You took a step forward, and that’s worth celebrating!

What are you celebrating from 2014? I’d love to hear your stories in the comments below!

Sending you lots of love!


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