VIDEO: Should You Always Be Happy?

Have you ever felt guilty for not being happy? Do you think you should always be happy, and that if you aren’t, you’ve failed?

According to my Spirit Guides, being happy 100% of the time is not the goal. Hear their perspective and learn how to feel at peace with every emotion in this week’s episode of TrueYouTV.

Obviously it feels good when we’re happy, but it’s a little much to expect ourselves to be happy all the time. My Guides have told me that part of getting the most out of this human experience is to feel the breadth of our emotions.

Emotions aren’t good or bad. They are indicators of what our Spirit is trying to tell us, and they are part of the richness of our human experience.

When we try to block or deny what we’re feeling, our emotion begins to feel bigger and more overwhelming, and all our energy is used to hold the emotion at bay. We may start feeling dead inside, as we have not only blocked one emotion, but all of them.

When we let the emotion flow through us, it is shorter-lived, we open ourselves to feeling other emotions, and we open ourselves to inspiration and solutions to help us feel more joyful and peaceful.

The next time you’re not feeling happy, I hope you will remember these messages and be at peace with not being at peace.

Sending lots of love,


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