VIDEO: When You’re Feeling Blocked

When You're Feeling Blocked

Have you ever felt blocked, like there’s some internal or external force keeping you from what you want in your life?

If you have felt this way, you’ve probably also wondered what to do to remove the block as quickly as possible.

Feeling blocked can lead to self-blame, doubt, frustration, and a host of other stressful feelings, so today I’m sharing guidance from my Spirit Guides to help feel like you’re moving forward again.

Sometimes, saying you’re blocked is another way of saying, “Things aren’t happening as quickly as I would like.” Just because things aren’t happening in your timing doesn’t mean they aren’t happening.

What is the “delay” forcing you to focus on, do, or reevaluate? For example, maybe a delay in moving is forcing you to spend more time around your family. Maybe a delay in improving your health is forcing you to make time to listen to your body more instead of trying to force it to do something it’s not ready to do.

If you have been feeling blocked, I hope this helps you move past that feeling, get a new perspective, and realize how everything is working for you.

Sending lots of love,


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