Ways Spirit Guides Communicate

1205573_blowball_Spirit Guides can communicate with us in innumerable ways.  Sometimes we can overlook their insights, thinking they should be loud and obvious or accompanied by harps or trumpets.  Most of the time their messages are subtle and require our in-the-present awareness in order to receive them.  The following is a list of different ways I have communicated with my guides.  It is not meant as an extensive list, but just as a key to the many doorways you can open to allow them to communicate with you.  Hopefully by reading this, you become more aware and open to the many different ways your guides can communicate with you, too.

Automatic typing/writing – begin by asking a question, and type or write everything that pops into your head.  It doesn’t matter what it is, just keep writing.  This helps overcome conscious mind interference (the part that says communicating with Spirit Guides is impossible).  Eventually, you will be able to channel longer and more meaningful messages from them.

Painting/Art – Choose the art medium of your choice, and just create without thinking or analyzing.  Let your creative self have free reign.  When we are open to this part of ourselves, we are connecting with our subconscious mind, which is also the part of the mind that receives intuitive insights.

Other People – Spirit Guides can communicate messages to you through other people.  This is when being present and fully in-the-moment pays off.  Sometimes I’ll have a question in my mind and because I’ve been agonizing over it, my guides can’t get though.  Then, I’ll be talking to someone, and all of a sudden they start saying something that is the perfect answer to my question, and as I look at them, I see my guides in my mind’s eye talking through them.  When you’re having a conversation with someone, be fully present and listen to what they say.

Your Favorite Hobby – Do you have a favorite hobby that requires your focused concentration?  If so, it is also an active meditation, and a wonderful opportunity to receive insights and messages from your guides.  Any activity that requires focused attention, even doing dishes, is a great opportunity for you to receive a message.

Role Playing – We are getting messages from our guides all the time, even if we are not consciously aware of them.  One way to ask a question and get a quick answer is to role play.  Have a conversation with yourself.  State your question or concern out loud.  Then, playing the role of your Spirit Guides, answer yourself out loud.  Remember that Spirit Guides are incredibly loving and nonjudgemental.  Their communications will make you feel supreme love and appreciation for yourself.

Books – Have you ever flipped open a book and found the exact answer you were looking for?  This is another case of working through other people and things.  There are no coincidences, so when you ask for an answer and receive it, pay attention.

Driving – If you’re ever lost while driving, ask your guides to help you find your way and then pay attention to your intuitive nudges of where to go.

Cooking – I have a guide that lets me know when food in the oven is ready to be taken out.  He also helps me cook different dishes and get inspired when I’m feeling bored of the same ol’ dishes.  Of course, sometimes I am beyond his help, like when I attempted to make vegan brownies without a recipe.   He probably thought, “Oh well.  You win some, you lose some.” 🙂

Feelings – Sometimes I feel waves of peace and love flowing through my body.  When I’m meditating and very relaxed, these feelings can become very intense and bring me to tears.  Other times, they can send me feelings of peace when I’m receiving news that otherwise would have worried me to let me know that everything is okay.


In every activity, in every moment, and in every day, your Spirit Guides can communicate with you and help you.

In what ways have you received messages from your guides?

What do you do when you want insight?

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