What Spirit Guides Won’t Tell You

Hi Friends!

I talk a lot about Spirit Guides and all the ways they can help us in our daily lives. They are like our bestest friends in the Spirit world (our “besties”). However, based on my experience, there are some things they just don’t do or care about. To save you any frustration of asking and asking and asking questions they won’t answer, I decided to create this little article to let you know when you can just save your breath 🙂

1. Timing

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Spirit Guides don’t care about giving exact dates of when something is going to happen. Now, you may find another Spirit in the Spirit world who can give you this information, or you may pick it up psychically or by using divination cards, but that’s just not what Spirit Guides are into. I totally understand wanting to know when something is going to happen, and I try to figure out timing for events sometimes using many different methods. However, finding out exactly when something is going to occur doesn’t have any long-term relevance. Really, what does it matter in the whole scheme of things? Spirit Guides care about your soul evolution, your spiritual life, guiding you through your time on the earth in order to grow and get the most out of your experience. Telling you when your ex is going to call doesn’t really fit into that 🙂

When I asked my Guides about timing when they were teaching me how to use the tarot psychically, they told me that the process is more important than an exact date. To use a very basic example, to get a glass of water I have to first go to the cupboard for a glass, then put ice in it, and then fill it with water. That’s the process of getting water. Let’s pretend I didn’t know how to get a glass of water and I asked my Guides when I would get a glass. What if they told me that at 1:42PM tomorrow I would get a glass of water. Does that really tell me anything? It would be much more helpful if they said, “Well, first you have to go to the cupboard, then you have to get a glass, then you have to put ice in it, etc.” See what I mean? The process is much more helpful.

Bottom line, Spirit Guides will usually tell you something will happen “soon”, or “it’s coming”, but don’t bother with exact dates. They care most about your soul growth, and knowing an exact time an event happens doesn’t have anything to do with that. Save your frustration and don’t waste your breath (like I have a bazillion times) – Spirit Guides will not tell you.

2. What To Do

Spirit Guides give us guidance to help us choose the best path for us, but they will not tell us which choice to make. They can’t live our lives for us. I have on several occasions said, “Please! Just tell me what to do!!” They don’t ever tell me what to do. What they can do is help us get back in touch with our Spirit, our Highest Self, in order to feel calm and better able to make a good decision.

3. Everything

Spirit Guides won’t tell you everything you want to know. It’s not in our highest interest to know everything that is going to happen in our life, how it’s going to happen, and when it’s going to happen. They are more concerned with helping you get the most from the step you are currently on, rather than showing you the entire path yet to come. They may know what’s coming, but they don’t have to tell you, and they won’t tell you if it is not in your highest good to know.


Spirit Guides are amazing. They feel more love for you than you can even imagine. When you connect with them, their love with bring you to tears. They are the best friends you can possibly have. As you are communicating with them, just keep in mind that they have your highest and best interest at heart. If they don’t tell you something, it’s out of love. They want the best for you. Take the guidance they give with gratitude, and release the need to know everything that is going to happen in your life. It’s much more fun to just enjoy the journey!

Lots of love to you on your journey,

Melanie Jade 🙂

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