What’s Your Wish for the New Year? Go for it!

Dear Friends,

Remember the beginning of Pretty Woman where the guy is hollering in the street, “Hey! What’s your dream?”

It’s a new year, and I want to know what your dream for the new year is.  Do you make resolutions?  If you do make them, are they ones you know you can attain, or do you write down goals that seem really far-fetched?  Are they fun goals?  Do you get excited just thinking about them?  I mean, if we’re going to envision something, it should at least be fun, right?

I used to write long lists of goals for the new year, but I haven’t decided if I’m going to this year, and if I am, I haven’t decided how I’m going to write them.  Right now my style is living in the present.  I know what my current vision for the future is, the most important thing on my mind, but I think if I made a big long list like I used to I would only get overwhelmed.  I trust that when it’s time for me to work on a certain area of my life, I will be motivated to work on it and won’t need a list to remind me.  That being said, I’m currently feeling the urge to buy a home and visit Thailand, among other things.

I talk a lot about creating your ideal life on this blog.  I give encouragement, I write resources for using your intuition, and I even tell you a few of the visions Mark and I have had that have manifested for us.

However, dear readers, I’ve been holding back.

I haven’t been telling you all the nitty gritty details about our “wild” visions for what we want and all the steps we’ve taken and signs we’ve gotten along the way.  What I’ve done so far is mostly tell you the beginning and the happy ending, but I left out the moments of TERROR along the way.  I left out the constant begging for reassurance from my Spirit Guides.  They know I beg, I know they answer.

The point is, people are always telling me, “Oh, I WISH I could take 3 months off to travel,” or, “I WISH I could move to (insert ideal place here),” or, “I WISH I could have my ideal job.”  You know what follows those wish statements?

“but but but but but…”

I know where you’re coming from, really I do.  I used to be on the beat-up “but” train.  However, I’ve also always wanted to have my ideal life.  For much of my life I struggled between what I wanted and what I was taught was realistic.  Then, about 3 years ago, that all changed.  I realized I deserved better.  I realized that I deserve to live a great life.  I realized I deserve a great man.  I deserve a job I love.  Everybody, including me, deserves to be happy.

Luckily, at the same time, I learned how to do all that.  I learned the power of my subconscious mind, the power of my language, the power of my thoughts and feelings.  Most importantly, I learned that if I follow my intuition, everything will be okay.  I’ll be led to exactly what I want and need.

Of course, I had to be told this a million times for it to sink in.  I had to cringe almost an entire year while I waited for the world to collapse around me because I was following my intuition instead of my logic.  You know what?  I survived.  The second year, I was less scared than the first year.  The third year (2010), I set my sights on visions that every logical person in the world would say couldn’t possibly come true.  All of them did!

I just want you to know, when I talk about creating your ideal life, I’m not blowing smoke over here.  I’m not someone you can just say, “Well, that’s good for her, but it won’t work for me.”  What I’ve done will work for anyone because we all have intuition.  We all have Spirit Guides working with us, helping us and sending us encouragement.  They’ll send signs every day until you reach your goal, if that’s what you need (and that’s what I need).  You don’t have to believe in Spirit Guides.  If that’s not your thing,  replace them with God, Allah, or your own innate sense of the perfect path for you.

It may be scary at times.  But you know what’s even scarier to me?  Living a life of misery.  Being stuck in a job or a relationship you don’t like.  Not going for it.  Anytime I would get really scared, like really really scared, I would reach a point where my fearful self was begging for a back-up plan, and I’d flat-out refuse to create one.  I would turn my fear into determination (and sometimes anger) and tell myself that if my intuition was wrong or my Spirit Guides weren’t there for me, I wanted to know sooner rather than later.

I’ve never been disappointed.

So as you’re setting your goals for this New Year, think of what you really really want in your heart of hearts.  What is your soul yearning and begging for that you have been quieting?  Your soul yearns for what is already available to you, even if it seems far-fetched at the time.

You CAN do it.

Make this the year you decide to live your life to the fullest!

Melanie Jade

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