When Being Selfish is a Good Thing

Hi Friends!

We all know we should make time for ourselves, blah blah blah, but how many of us actually do it? How many times do we put off taking time for ourselves, thinking, “As soon as I do the dishes…” or “As soon as I finish this project…” Meanwhile, we continue to add more to our to-do lists.

While doing a reading earlier this week, my Guides told my client to be “positively selfish” – to care and nurture herself first so she could offer her best self to the people she cares about. In this way, being selfish can be a good thing!

Time for me
Um…Where is this and how soon can I get there??

This week, I encourage you to be positively selfish. When you take time to unwind and recharge, you are able to be your best self in all areas of your life. You will have more insight into your life, decisions will be easier, your health will improve, you’ll feel more peaceful in every situation, and you’ll avoid those unpleasant grouchy moments you’ll only have to apologize for later 😉

To find out if you’re being positively selfish enough, imagine that you have an energy gauge in your mind. As you feel nurtured and taken care of, your energy gauge will be full – 100%. This means you have plenty of energy and enthusiasm to do what you want to do, and you will enjoy doing it because you’re taking care of yourself. What is your gauge at now? Check your gauge throughout the week, and if you see it getting lower, take a break from your schedule to care for yourself. Even 20 minutes can make a big difference.

It’s easier to be positively selfish when you know ahead of time which activities make you feel nourished. For me, a long bath with candles and a good book helps me feel like myself again. What activities make you feel nourished?

I hope you make time to be positively selfish this week! You deserve it!


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