When Fear is a Good Sign

When fear is a good sign, by Melanie Jade Rummel

Sometimes fear says, “Stop what you’re doing!” If you’re my husband  – climbing a ladder or doing home repair without turning off the electricity – and the voice of fear is coming from your lovely and talented wife, you should definitely listen to that fear! (I hope Mark reads this!)

But if you’re making an exciting change in your life or embarking on your heart’s desire, should you pay attention to the inevitable fears that call for your attention?

In today’s video, I share a message from my Spirit Guides about what to do with this type of fear and what it means for achieving your heart’s desire.

When you’re working toward your goals, what events or situations tend to trigger your fear? Is it learning a new technique, letting other people know about your goals/offerings, concerns about money, or wondering what other people think?

Start noticing when you feel fear, and write down what that fear is and what triggered it. Then, write a response to reassure and encourage yourself.

When I started my business, I created a document with a list of my fears and my responses to those fears. When I’d start freaking out, I would read that list and instantly feel better. It was such a great tool to help me keep moving forward!

Here’s an example:

Fear: I’m scared that if I tell people what I do, they will think I’m crazy.

Response: I know that I have this desire for a reason, and it’s a positive reason that will make a meaningful difference in the world. There may be people who don’t understand what I do, but there are millions of people who want the positive messages and insights that I’m able to offer. If I worry about the opinions of a few people, all the other people I can help will continue to feel lost and scared in life. I trust that I will be led to the people who can benefit from the messages and services that I share.

Whatever your fears are, create a list of them along with your positive responses to them. This will help you stay encouraged and not let your fears slow you down.

And of course, fall in love with your fear! Realize they are a sign of progress, and know that you are moving forward and creating a life you love! Hooray for you and your awesomeness!

Sending you lots of love!


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