When is knowing the future a good thing?

You might think that, as a psychic medium, I would focus on the future during my readings. It may surprise you to know that I focus on helping my clients feel empowered in the present.

I enjoy getting glimpses into the future, but I think that too much information can actually be a hindrance. If someone tells you about your future, how do you know if you’re making decisions based on what you want or based on what they told you? I also think it can make you feel like you don’t have control over what happens in your life, and it can distract you from listening within to find your direction.

I help my clients get insight into their present circumstances, learn what they really want, and have the confidence to trust that they can create the life they desire. My ultimate goal is to help them have more confidence in their own internal guidance.

Still, I know there are times when getting a glimpse into your future can be beneficial. In today’s video, I share my thoughts about predicting the future, along with messages from my Spirit Guides about having peace in the present.

One time my client asked me if her mother was going to die soon. Her mother had been in a nursing facility for many years and was very ill, and my client wanted her mother to have the peace that comes with crossing over.

Normally I wouldn’t touch that question with a 10-foot pole. I don’t answer questions about when someone is going to die, and I told my client this. But then I saw an image of a woman’s face surrounded in white light. She had a big smile on her face, and I felt a deep sense of peace. I said, “This is what I’m getting, and you can decide for yourself what it means.” I described what I was seeing, and my client confirmed that the woman’s description matched her mother. She said she was going to take that as reassurance that her mother would pass soon and be at peace.

Another time I did a reading for a man who was concerned because he didn’t like his job but wasn’t able to find another one. He was feeling discouraged, frustrated, and like he was letting his family down. I got the message that he would get a job soon, and I was given an image of the office building. I shared messages from his Spirit Guides that gave him reassurance. A few weeks later, I learned that he’d been offered a job and that the office building where he now works looks just like the one I described. Having the reassurance ahead of time helped him keep going.

Before a reading, I always set the intention that I’m only given messages that are in my client’s highest good to know. Sometimes that includes insight into the future, but more often it involves helping the person find their own power and clarity in the present.

When it’s time to know your future, you’ll know it, whether that comes from a reading with me, insight from your intuition, or the future becoming the present. But in the meantime, your Spirit Guides want you to remember that you know all you need to know to make the decisions you need to make right now. Remember that everything is working according to your highest good, and keep going.

Sending you love,


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