When the Queen Bee Comes to Visit

Hi Friends!

In our last apartment, we had a huge sliding glass window that opened up to the balcony.  Beyond the balcony was a beautiful golf course with trees and a pond, and we loved keeping the door open to feel the fresh air and let Cosmo wander outside.

black and white cat rolling over

There must have been a beehive nearby, and for some reason, the bees loved to fly through our door and into our living room.  We didn’t mind because they never bothered us, and Cosmo loved to chase the bees.  She would knock them out of the air and collect their dead bee bodies on the track of the sliding glass door.

In the past two years, I have developed an unintentional connection with St. Francis and been able to feel the emotions of various insects and animals, and now I feel much more connected and loving toward them.  However, at that time I just ignored the mass killing in our living room and was glad that Cosmo was having fun.

bee on a purple flower
Thank you to http://www.yourvisions.nl for the picture.

Then, one day I was sitting on our bed meditating.  I was just getting started, beginning to feel very relaxed, and all of a sudden I saw a very large bee spirit on my nose.  It was about two inches tall and wide.  I was startled and surprised.  After all, I’d never seen a bee spirit, and I thought it was kinda funny.  I wondered why it was visiting me. What are you doing here? I asked it in my mind.  I felt its message unconsciously, and suddenly it made sense.  I told it, If you have a problem with Cosmo killing all the bees, tell them to stop flying into our living room! After that, the bee disappeared and I continued my meditation with a smile on my face.  What a neat experience!

After that, the bees stopped flying in.  Cosmo had to find other ways to play 🙂

Melanie Jade 🙂

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