When you don’t know how to help…do this.

When you don't know how to help do this by Melanie The Medium

It’s hard to see someone you care about suffering. Whether they are dealing with an illness, going through a big transition, or struggling in some other way, it’s hard to know sometimes what you can do to help.

I recently did a reading for a client who was feeling powerless to help her family. Her parents were dealing with health challenges, and she wondered if there was any way she could help make their journey easier.

According to her Spirit Guides, there is something we can all do to help the people we love, especially during those times when we feel powerless to make a difference. In this video, I share their message.

Part of following this guidance is releasing your attachment to the outcome. You’re not praying that someone is healed or that they do what you think they should do. Sometimes there are bigger plans for them that you may not be aware of.

What you are doing is sending pure love, the energy of clarity, the energy of strength. You’re sending energy that they can use to help make their journey easier.

To see how your positive thoughts help someone energetically, imagine that you can see what their energy looks like right now. Notice how it feels to you. Notice any colors or images that come to mind. Then, after several days or weeks of sending them love, look again and observe any changes.

Sending a loving thought to someone takes no time, and it makes a big difference. When you don’t know how you can help make someone’s journey easier, do this.

Your love makes a difference.

Sending you love,


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