When You Knock and the Door Doesn’t Open

When You Knock and the Door Doesn't Open

The saying is, “Knock and the door will open,” but sometimes you keep knocking at that door of opportunity, and it doesn’t open. I’m talking about those times when you’re ready for a relationship, and you only meet duds. You’re applying for jobs, and no one is responding. You’re exercising to get to a healthier weight, and that number on the scale isn’t budging. You’re doing everything you can to work toward your goal, and Nothing. Is. Happening! It can be so frustrating when that happens.

So what can you do? In today’s video, I share a message from my Spirit Guides about how to keep feeling encouraged and what to focus on until that door does open.

There are many reasons why the door of opportunity¬†might not open as quickly as you think it should. Maybe¬†the timing isn’t quite right yet, maybe the other people involved aren’t ready, you have to learn something first, or you have to get clarity first.

But eventually, if you keep going, that door will open. You will find your love. You will get that job. You will meet that healthy weight. You will achieve your goal.

In the meantime, focus on all the progress you are making in that area and other areas of your life. Focus on what is working, the doors that are opening for you. Use those reminders of progress to stay encouraged and keep moving forward.

I’d be happy to be part of your team to help you get insight and trust yourself as you move forward. Click to get a reading with me.

Sending you love!


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