VIDEO: When You’re Asking for Spiritual Guidance and Not Getting Answers

Have you ever needed guidance about an aspect of your life, and no matter how many times you ask for it, it seems like you’re not getting any answers? I understand how frustrating this can be.

If you’re experiencing this right now, you’re in luck! In this episode of TrueYou TV, I’m sharing what you can do to get the answers that have been eluding you.


Now I’d love to hear from you! What did you discover when you asked yourself these two questions? Your insight could be exactly the guidance someone is looking for, so please share your story in the comments below.

Thank you for watching and sharing this episode of TrueYou TV. It makes my day to know that the resources I share help you in some way. Another episode will be available next week. Until then, join me for daily inspiration on facebook.

Sending you lots of love,

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