Where in the world am I?

Hi Friends!

Mark and I have been in Asheville, North Carolina this week! If you haven’t heard already, I’m ready to tell you about our next adventure! We sold ALL our things, including our car, and we’ve decided to travel and travel and travel some more. We’ve been travelling for about a month now. We started in Florida, where we took our cat, Cosmo, to stay with Muvie (mother-in-love) and her fiancé.

Then, we went to Amelia Island, Florida, which is on the coast. I saw dolphins in the ocean! It was amazing! We saw the last U.S. space shuttle launch, which was surprisingly emotional, in Cape Canaveral. Then, we heard that Mark’s Great Aunt Libby (98 years old)  needed to change homes, so we drove up to North Carolina to help her.

Those are just the technical details, but oh my, there are so many stories I could tell you about the amazing things that have been happening along the way. I am getting so much spiritual guidance and love; I feel truly truly grateful and amazed. Since we decided to go on this wonderful adventure, trusting that everything would work out perfectly along the way, I have felt more alive and in-the-present than I have ever felt. I feel so light, like I’m floating on the earth. Mark and I have been trying to figure out how to describe this feeling we have, but lemme just tell you, we feel great.

I feel so awed by the messages I’m getting, I am keeping many of them to myself for now. I just haven’t felt like getting on my computer except to do readings, which have brought me so much joy to do. All that to say that I may not be writing as often as I used to….then again, I might write more! I’m just not sure! I’m just going with the flow and listening to my soul to tell me where to go and what to do next. However, I have been posting more on the My Magical Journey Facebook page about where I am and what I’m doing, so if you want to keep up with my travels over the next year, that’s a good way 🙂

I made a new friend the other day who is also travelling around and exploring the world. I overheard a lady say to her, “I wish I had the freedom to do that.” I just want to say to all of you that you can have the life you really want. You create your own life situation and your own freedom. You always have a choice and are not stuck in any life situation, no matter how it may seem to you right now. I am loving this feeling so much of doing my ideal of travelling and trusting that I’ll know each step to take and that everything will work out perfectly. I just want to encourage you all to follow your true heart’s desire as well. Catch yourself when you try to make excuses – too old, too young, not enough money, work, family… Start coming up with all the reasons why it’s a great idea instead! Recognize that you deserve the absolute best in your life. You deserve everything your heart desires. You are so so so so so so so so special.

Lots of Love to you all,

Melanie Jade 🙂

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