Which Angel is Working With You?

Which Angel is Working With You

You have a team of loving spiritual helpers, including angels. You may have heard of some of the more popular Archangels, like Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel, but there are many other angels who work with you. Here’s one way to find out which angel is working with you today:

The Process

First, focus your mind. There are many ways to do this, but you can start by listening to one of my guided meditations (check out my chakra healing meditation or my beach meditation) or by listening to a calming piece of music for several minutes.

Once you are feeling more focused, ask within, Which Angel is working with me right now? Notice the first name that comes into your mind, and write it down. Then, ask that Angel how they are helping you in your life right now, and write down whatever comes to you.

You may not hear an audible voice. In fact, you most likely won’t. But pay attention to subtle thoughts, a sense of knowing, a feeling, or an image that comes into your mind. Write all of that down.

Dealing with Self-Doubt

I have to warn you, you’ll probably assume you’re making it all up. That’s okay. I thought that too when I started, and so does everyone else, but just keep practicing.

Getting messages feels very natural, similar to your own thoughts. The difference is that messages from your angels will always feel loving and peaceful. Your own thoughts might feel judgmental or discouraging at times.

Notice the thought that says it’s impossible for you to hear your angel or that you’re making it up. Notice how that thought feels and the tone it has. That crappy feeling is a sign it’s your own thought, not a message. Ha! Notice the difference now? Pay attention to the loving, compassionate messages you receive, and trust those messages.

If you want more detailed help to start communicating with angels, check out my Talking to Angels video and meditation set or my Meet Spirit Guides course. Both resources will help you start regularly connecting and getting messages. Which angel is working with you today?

Sending you love!


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