Why You Never Feel Good Enough (and an Easy Way to Get Over It!)

Feel not good enough? Melanie the Medium

Do you ever stop yourself from moving forward because you never feel good enough? Maybe you don’t feel good enough in your job, so you don’t go for a promotion, or you have a personal goal that keeps being put on the back burner. You worry about what other people will think, letting them down, or being a failure. 

The great thing about the thought that you’re not good enough is that it’s usually not true. Let’s be real here. People who are worried about not being good enough are usually very accomplished, and the people who should be worried about not being good enough think they’re awesome 😄

If you let the thought that you’re not good enough hold you back, it means you aren’t going to have the joy and fulfillment you want in your life. It means you aren’t sharing your gifts with the world, and we all need your gifts. 

In this video, you’ll learn a very simple mindset shift to help you feel confident moving forward again.

This video was inspired by one of my coaching clients. Check out Live Your Spirit coaching to learn more.

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