Worst-Case Scenarios: Kick the Worrying Habit

Worst-case scenarios kick the worrying habit

I am the expert at imagining worst-case scenarios. When I was growing up, my mom was a paramedic, and I would always ask about her calls. My light evening reads included her trauma books, complete with all the gruesome pictures. Then she became an emergency room nurse, and we talked about the illnesses and injuries she saw on a regular basis.

With that background, it’s instantaneous for me to go from stubbing my toe to imagining a crazy bone infection and inevitable amputation. It’s just how my mind works. I had a cold recently, and my husband said, “Whatever you think it could be, dial it down about 10 notches, and that’s probably what’s actually going on.” LOL

I’ve learned that many of us have a worst-case scenario mindset, but maybe not about medical issues. Have you ever told yourself these things?

  • I’ll never get out of debt.
  • I’ll always be overweight.
  • I’ll never have children.
  • I’ll never get out of this miserable job.
  • I’ll never beat this addiction.
  • I’ll never find the love I dream of.
  • Life will always be a struggle for me.

I don’t know about you, but I feel drained just reading this list! Making the changes you want to make and appreciating the amazing, life-transforming person you are is much harder when you’re thinking these thoughts.

So how do you overcome these thoughts?

Your Spirit Guides say that the way to overcome these thoughts is to bring your focus to the present moment. Worst-case scenarios are about a long, horrible, imaginary future that hasn’t happened yet.

Bring your focus back to this moment.

In this moment, you can do something about your concern. If you fear always being stuck in the same miserable job, in this moment you can brainstorm about what you’d like to do instead or talk to a career counselor. If you fear never being able to beat your addiction, in this moment you can go to a recovery center to get help. If you fear never finding your ideal love, in this moment you can let all your friends and family know the kind of person you’re looking for and sign up on a dating website.

The power is in the present.

When you catch yourself thinking a worst-case scenario, bring your focus back to the present. I usually laugh at myself too. “There I go again. What an imagination you have, Melanie!”

If you want someone to help you see your situation from a different perspective, I’m here to help. I’d be happy to share the messages your Spirit Guides have for you to help you get clarity and move forward. You can request a reading with me through my website.

In the present, you can do something. There’s no worst-case scenario in the present. There’s just the problem in front of you and the wisdom to know one step you can take to get through it and create a better experience for yourself.

Check out the How to Stop Worrying video for more tips on overcoming the worst-case scenario mindset by focusing on the present.

Sending you lots of love,


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