You Know the Way Forward

Hi Friends!

Do you ever feel like you don’t know your path forward? Have you ever asked someone else what decision you should make to move forward in your life? This post is a reminder that your Spirit always knows the way forward, even if your mind feels confused.

Here are the messages from my Spirit Guides:

You always know your direction, even when you feel lost and confused. That voice of fear is your mind, because it cannot see yet what is coming for you. But just because the reality you want does not seem apparent in the physical world does not mean it doesn’t exist and won’t soon be apparent to you. You just have to keep going. When the fear arises, when the lack of faith arises, and especially when you start to doubt yourself and if you can ever be happy…just keep going, loved one. It will all work out.

Keep Moving Forward

We are here helping you, which you sometimes forget. You are not creating your life on your own; you have help, and we are happy to help you and encourage you as often as you want it. Why would we do this? Because we are love and you are love. Your true state is love. And you came to this life to share special gifts with the world. No one else here at this time can express exactly the gifts you have in exactly the same way. Everyone comes to this planet to help heal the other souls here. Your special gifts are needed.

So when you are feeling discouraged, when you feel you have lost your way, when you feel like you are alone, when you feel like what you want is impossible to have…tell yourself, “This is an illusion.” And then keep moving forward. We are here, dear ones. And you have your amazing Spirit, which is never, ever lost. Listen to its direction. Feel the way forward. Tune out any distractions and fears and follow the guidance of your Spirit. You know the way forward. 

Sending you love on your beautiful journey forward,

Melanie Jade 🙂


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